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The famous "Penthouse" dorama tells the story of wealthy families in Hera's palace, children of those who attend Chong Ha Art School.

Sim Su Ryon is an elegant, rich woman with a tragic past. Her husband is a successful businessman. Later this woman finds out that her husband is hiding something from her.
And O Yoon Hin is from a simple family. He has a bad relationship with Chon So Jin since school. Chon So Jin is the daughter of a school principal.
The three women in this story are ready to do anything for their children. However, their lives are ruined when a mysterious girl named Min Solya falls on a statue of the goddess Hera and dies at a party in their palace. Everyone tries to hide the fact that the girl died in the area of ​​the palace, at the same time they start suspecting each other in the murder of the girl. Their lives turn into chaos and this story becomes the basis for many new tragedies, murders and betrayals. Dorama keeps the viewer tense for 1 hour and 10 minutes and absorbs it in the plot, cutting it off from everyday reality.

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