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Clever and beautiful Tina has reached her majority, blossomed like a scarlet flower and is preparing to marry her beloved boyfriend Kapoor Samar. The engagement has already taken place and it seems that nothing can interfere with the happiness of the lovers.
But things don't always work out the way young people would like. It was at this time that Kosi and Bani, old enemies of the family, came to the city, their goal was to fulfill their passionate and evil dream of taking revenge on Tapki and preventing the triumph.
So that nothing unforeseen happens and innocent blood is shed, Tapki agrees with Manawa Khanna, Bani's fiancé, to play along with them and impersonate Bihan Aryan, because they are like two peas in a pod. In fact, he is Aryan's double, he knows all his habits and it is not difficult to do this, he is the elder brother of Manava, Bani's fiancé.
But Kosi is not so easy to stop, he stubbornly runs into a scandal and in the end arranges complete chaos at the wedding. As a result, grooms change brides without knowing it. Samar marries Bani and Manawa becomes Tina's husband. How did it happen and how will events develop after the wedding, when the guys find out the truth? And how will this story end? Or was it meant to be?

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